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Frequently Asked Question

How would you classify your food?
We call it contemporary cuisine. It’s much like POP Music…It’s what is popular at this time. We also serve classics such as meatloaf but with a contemporary presentation.

How fresh will my order be when delivered?
All our menu items are prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients purchased specifically for your event. Our fresh produce is delivered on a daily basis.

Is there a minimum I have to order?
There are some items on our menu that require a minimum to order. A la' carte hors d' oeuvres require a minimum of 25. Breakfast, lunch and dinners can only be ordered for a minimum of 10 guests.

Can you split entrees on packages and combo meals? What about substitutions?
On larger orders (20 or more) we may be able to split. We do not recommend this on lunch orders as guests will always take one of each. We do offer double entrée options which are a better idea. We can substitute certain things and make every attempt to accommodate dietary requests.

How do I know how many pieces of hors d' oeuvres to order?
You choose what you like and we help with the rest!

Can I create my own custom menu?
If a particular item is not on our menu, we can certainly accommodate as we can prepare anything. On small dinner parties our chef will meet with you personally and create a perfect menu for you.


How do I order?
Call Kathy or Marie at 770-565-4146 and we will help you personally.

How do I pull a menu together for a party? Do you help me?
We have an experienced sales staff to work with you during the entire process.

When will the food arrive?
For a full service event we arrive 2-3 hours prior to the event. For smaller deliveries we usually arrive 1 hour before. Corporate lunch deliveries should be scheduled a half an hour before meal time.

How does it arrive?
Corporate Lunches are always delivered and set-up with real linens, decorative cloths, and ornamental chafers at no extra charge so everything you'll need to for your lunch is included in the price. The only thing that we might charge for is china, glassware if needed.

Do you show up personally?
Either the owner or event coordinator is at every event whether it is small or large. We treat each event the same.

Where are the events that you serve?
We caterer both corporate and social events located in all parts of Georgia. We can always talk if you do have an event outside this area.

Do you have a specialty?
We've found our best success in. . . food that is an upscale presentation of old favorites. Atlanta is a city of wonderful restaurants and people here love great food. We have found that the best way to cook for the community is keep it simple. You won't find frizzled leaks or foreign sounding edible towers. Just wonderful food that you can pronounce!

What other types of events have you done?
For Corporate Events we've done lunches, box lunches, sales presentations, production meetings, parties, business meetings, special events, open houses and holiday parties.

For Social Events we've done wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, brunches, funerals, graduation parties, anniversaries, open houses and intimate dinner parties.

No event is too small or too large – we have done it all!

Do you have party size limitations?
You have no limitations on your group size.

Do you have any self serve options?
We have a self serve drop off service - We'll deliver to your order in disposal food containers, along with disposable serving dishes and the utensils. Delivery fees vary based on location and size of order but range from $10-$75.

What does your event planning service include?
If you need us to provide service staff, tents, china, centerpieces, custom cakes or anything necessary to put on your event we offer a range of options. We work with some of the best vendors in Georgia.

Can you bill my corporate account for the food?
Yes in most cases, although terms are net 10 days unless otherwise agreed on. Ask us about our frequent customer discount program.

How do I pay for my event? What about deposits?
We require a 50% deposit on social events. Lunch deliveries may be put on corporate account. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
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