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Introduction: What is an outdoor wedding?

Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular among couples who want to have an outdoor ceremony. Planning the perfect outdoor dinner for outdoor wedding catering can be challenging if you are not prepared.

The modern trend towards natural wedding ceremonies is a recent phenomenon, but it has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Many couples are now choosing outdoor ceremonies like elopement or destination weddings because of the unique beauty they provide.

The outdoor venue and outdoor wedding can be held at changes depending on what a couple is looking for. Some popular locations include parks, gardens, and beaches. If you’re looking for an intimate ceremony with close friends and family members who have traveled from far away, then you might prefer a location which is off the beaten track and private.

Why you should hire your own catering company

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. You have to find the perfect venue, find the perfect dress, choose your flowers and plan every detail. If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding, you should also start thinking about what kind of catering service to hire.

Catering companies specialize in cooking for large events. Catering is the perfect solution for those who don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to cook for their guests at their outdoor wedding. A catering company can help create a perfect event with delicious food and drinks, and make your ideal wedding day a reality.

A wedding that takes place outdoors poses its own set of challenges, as opposed to one that takes place indoors.As long as you are prepared for whatever Georgia’s unpredictable climate may throw at you, you can have a wonderful outdoor experience even if the weather is challenging.No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, working with an experienced local caterer is the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Weather-Wise, Prepare for the Worst

When you tie the knot in Georgia, you simply cannot depend on its unpredictable weather. Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. In the same way that your wedding ceremony needs a backup location in case of inclement weather, your reception caterer needs a back-up plan in case they can’t do their job at the venue they’ve promised. The majority of outdoor wedding venues offer alternative spaces for both the ceremony and reception if the weather does not allow an outdoor ceremony or reception.

Provide Indoor Access for Your Wedding Caterer If Possible

In some cases, it is not possible for your catering company to prepare, plate and set up in a conditioned space. There is a possibility that you will not even have electricity at your chosen location. Nevertheless, the better the conditions you can provide for your caterer, the better your experience will be.

At the very least, provide a tent for shade and protection from elements – and bugs – as well as a generator. Keeping most dishes hot or cold is both for safety and comfort.Nevertheless, if this isn’t an option, don’t worry. Your outdoor wedding caterer will tell you what is and isn’t feasible. You will have the perfect day you have always dreamed of if you follow their lead.

Catering Menus for the Weather & Conditions

You may think this is common sense, but keep your surroundings and the weather in mind when deciding on your menu.

Your caterer already has plenty of logistical challenges to overcome if you’re planning your event in a rugged setting like the Blue Ridge Mountains or near Chastain Park. Menu items that are too delicate, labor-intensive or highly temperature-sensitive won’t only be expensive, but you’ll also fail to deliver on expectations.

For the best dining experience for you and your guests, let your caterer suggest dishes that will best suit wherever you may be.

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