Delicious Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

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Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding Menu

An enjoyable wedding event necessitates a lot of preparation. To make your big day a success, consider these summer wedding catering ideas!

The most important considerations for a summer wedding include a dress, your venue, your flowers, and your catering. If you want to make your wedding memorable, though, the food you serve to your guests will most likely be the most important factor.

If you are planning the perfect summer wedding menu, make sure that you don’t serve messy or difficult-to-eat foods. Below are five considerations to keep in mind when preparing a menu for a summer wedding.

1. Try to Keep it Light

No matter what the theme of your wedding is, your menu should be ‘light’ to keep  your guests feeling clean and comfortable. If your outdoor wedding venue is extremely hot, caterers often recommend that you serve less spicy and oily food in order to keep your guests comfortable. You might want to consider cheese trays, vegetable platters, salsa and chips, and other delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Regarding entrees, we recommend that you choose chicken, lasagna, turkey breast with gravy, and other homemade dishes instead of chewy proteins like lamb and pork. When you want to keep your menu light, mix seasonal vegetables, assorted potatoes, and seasonal salads are great options.

2. Serve Fresh Food

People prefer fresh fruits and seasonal foods over rich, heavy foods as the temperature rises. Thus, we highly recommend that you incorporate fresh fruit and other seasonal items into your menu. Vegetable trays, fruit trays, cheese trays, and freshly prepared salads are essentials. Summer is the perfect time to introduce flavors that complement the season.

3. Keep in Mind the Type of Wedding

Couples are unique, and so are their preferences. Traditional couples are more likely to have a traditional sit-down dinner wedding; extroverted couples may prefer cocktail parties; and others may opt for buffet style catering and backyard barbecues. When selecting a menu, it is important to keep in mind the wedding type.

4. Create An Interactive Experience

Adding interactive food stations to your special day will make it even more memorable. If you allow your guests to move around and socialize with others, especially during the summer, it will go a long way.

5. Pay attention to the desserts

You can help your guests feel refreshed and comfortable by serving summer-friendly desserts. There are many tasty summer wedding menu options including sorbet, ice cream, fruit, cookies, or lady locks.

Final thoughts

The ceremony of getting married is a celebration of love and the making of cherished memories. For a summer wedding, making the right choices about the menu is crucial. Thus, when you sit with your wedding caterer, you will need to consider the points mentioned above.

Let A Delightful Bitefull Catering handle the details so you can enjoy your  special day! Call us today at (770) 565-4146 to discuss summer  wedding catering ideas!

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