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Private Dinner Party Catering: Cool Themes to Amp Up Your Next Party

Dinner party planning can be stressful-what food and drinks should be served? What about table settings and music? Once you have decided on a theme for your party, many of these details should fall into place.

Party themes can be elaborate and over the top or they can be paired down and simple. Let’s take a look at these party theme inspirations together for your next at home party.

Ethnic Party Themes

An ethnic theme can give a party a focus. Italian, French, Mediterranean, Asian  the options really are endless. Decorations can be simple, and they resemble the cuisine you choose. Many chefs have cuisine specialties, ask about these when hiring a social event caterer.

Non-Standard Holiday Party Themes

Parties that take place on non-standard holidays have a lot to offer as far as food and drinks as well as decorations. A unique option would be to use a holiday featured in a film or television show, but is not really real or something that’s pretty obscure. A conversation starter, this is sure to amuse your dinner guests.

Movie Or Book Party Themes

What about throwing a movie or book-themed dinner party? This theme is great for an interesting menu and cocktail selection, and will surely have your guests talking.

Era Party Themes

Consider throwing a 1920’s style party, which has become all the rage ever since The Great Gatsby has been re-released. Speakeasy style is also a fun era-based dinner party theme. 

You’ll have many options to choose from when planning a historical dinner party, so be sure to ask your personal chef what kind of food they suggest for you. He or she will probably have some great ideas.

Color Party Themes

You don’t have to go overboard with putting together a theme to pull a party together. Simply choosing a colour theme can have beautiful results. Table linens, glassware, table service, and food all tie into the colour theme to create an enjoyable dinner party.

It has never been more popular to go green than it is right now. Plan your party accordingly and you can be sure that everyone will be excited. Consider hiring a chef that specializes in farm to table cooking.

Specialty Food Party Themes

Catering a dinner party around a specific type of food is another way to incorporate a theme. You can have tacos, pizza, barbecue; they all come in their own categories of food.


Using these themed party ideas will help you throw a memorable event even for formal dinner parties. And don’t forget, no matter how small or elaborate, themes will always bring guests together and give them something to talk about. Contact A Delightful Biteful Catering for any occasion.

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